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UNVEX 2016. Foto: G.S.

UNVEX S&D to put latest advances in anti-drone systems on the table

Photo: IDS

Photo: IDS

25/05/2018 | Madrid

The European summit on remotely-piloted systems, Unvex Security & Defense, which will take place in the northwestern Spanish city of León on May 29, 30 and 31, will tackle the development of RPAS detection and neutralization systems. The so-called anti-drone systems will be analyzed by industry experts and specialists from Europe’s main defense institutions.

Along with the protection against threats derived from the ill-intentioned use of drones, the development of this type of technology has sparked the need for designing systems that avoid the signal interception of RPAS. That is, protection against anti-drone systems, which is especially required in the field of Defense due to the danger represented by the interception of systems used by the armed forces in conflict zones.

This issue, in particular, will be addressed by a representative of Aeronautics. This Israeli company has developed technology capable of protecting RPAS’ signal and guaranteeing their routes. On the roundtable dedicated...

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