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Bruce Rule on ARA San Juan

ARA San Juan tragedy arrives to the Court

ARA San Juan

28/04/2020 | Orlando

Gabriel Porfilio

Since the news of the disappearance of the Argentinian submarine ARA San Juan until its remains were found, kept a deep coverage of all the news involving its search and several times interviewed, in exclusive, Mr. Bruce Rule, lead acoustic analyst at the US Office of Naval Intelligence for four decades.

During these interviews we were able to access directly to Rule’s analysis that included precise details to where the boat remains could be found, what could have caused the disaster and the probable tragic fate of the crew.

Months passed and after a year of continuous search for the missing submarine, the boat was found within the coordinates provided by Rule and the analysis of its remains confirmed Rule predictions. After several years of investigations and accusations, an Argentinian Court found several high-ranking Navy officers supposedly guilty of responsibilities and omissions on the submarine loss. reached out again to Bruce Rule to ask him about his opinion and, based on his previous experiences, particularly in the analysis and participation in other inquiries about submarine losses, to share with us his thoughts about the court decision.

Click on the following link to read his opinion.

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