IXION presents in UNVEX´14 his autonomous submarine for surveillance & inspection

18/02/2014 -

IXION is a technological Spanish company focused on development of automation solutions mainly for industrial and governmental applications. IXION is developing the next generation of guidance, control, navigation and mission systems for Unmanned Vehicles (UV´s) whether for aerial, ground or underwater tasks. The IXION´s Smart Automation concept bases on the need of automation of the use of UV´s. IXION´s Smart Automation is reached by the mix of state-of-the-art technologies such as computer vision, sonar, laser, FPGA for on-board processing, etc. IXION´s Smart Automation makes use of UV´s easier, safer, more efficient, reliable and cost-effective than current ones.

The Smart Automation concept is applied to the underwater environment by the development of submarine for shallow water inspection and surveillance. Project is conducted in collaboration with UCM and CEPSA, major Spanish oil &gas company, focused on the inspection of critical submerged facilities.

Use of submarine is quite simple. It is designed to operate autonomously according to plan defined by the operation engineer. Operation engineer configures the system to navigate autonomously whether following a defined route or tracking structure like a pipe. Also, customer configures tasks to be performed autonomously in the case an event is reported. Events are, as an example, defects in structures, moving objects, etc., which are detected automatically by the aggregation of video analysis and on-board processing capabilities. As an example, if the system detects defect in structure, customer may define processes to be launched automatically such us approach, photo/video taking, report alarm, etc. IXION´s system provides the tool for the operation engineer to easily configure the operation by user-friendly elements and the control station for monitorization of the mission.

In accordance to our customers’ requirements, IXION defines tailored solution, which better suits to them. Configuration and execution of the operation is implementable by the customer, which brings outstanding flexibility and autonomy to the system and operator.

IXION underwater surveillance & inspection system will be presented to professional visitors at IXION´s stand in the coming exhibition UNVEX´14 in Madrid dated from March 2nd till 4th, 2014.

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