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The loss of the ARA San Juan and how a retired analyst from the US ONI could have solved the mystery

ARA San Juan. Photo: Armada argentina.

ARA San Juan. Photo: Armada argentina.

11/01/2018 | Orlando, FL

Gabriel Porfilio/Bruce Rule

On November 15th , 2017 Argentina’s Navy suffered the most devastating loss since the Falklands/Malvinas War, the ARA San Juan, a TR1700 Class submarine built by German shipyard Thyssen Nordseewerke specially for Argentina, lost contact with its base and sank to the bottom of the sea. Since then, a multinational combined effort has been searching for the lost boat without any success.

In the middle of this crisis, several theories were presented by Argentina’s Navy spokesman, Capt. Balbi, indicating a vast array of possibilities maintaining hope that there could be some chances of rescuing the sailors and recovering the boat. This line of thought was preserved for days even after the oxygen reserves on the boat, if any, would have been completely depleted. After several days of that, it was finally accepted that the boat was lost with all its sailors.

While reviewing different specialized forums where there were discussions about the...

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