UNVEX S&D to support the participation of entrepreneurs and universities
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UNVEX S&D to support the participation of entrepreneurs and universities

UNVEX 2016. Photo: G.S.

The European summit on Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Systems for Security and Defense, UNVEX S&D, will feature two special areas in which entrepreneurs and universities will be able to exhibit their projects.

The organizers have decided that the higher learning institutions with RPAS research projects, as well as companies or institutions able to prove their status as entrepreneurs, will be able to apply for reduced prices.

The RPAS sector is an emerging market for disruptive technology, which means that aside from the presence of representatives from the industry and institutions, it is crucial to count with the new innovative projects that appear in the academic and business fields.

EU and NATO representatives

The conference program dedicated to military RPAS will include representatives of the European Union _ both from the European Commission and organizations and agencies dedicated to defense, security and industry _ as well as representatives belonging to some of NATO’s bodies, agencies and units.

The cast of experts will make its contributions on topics such as RPAS integration into airspace, European plans for the defense industry, and the application of these systems in future scenarios and operational experiences.

Flight exhibitions

The drone summit, which will take place at the northwestern Spanish city of León’s new Congress Hall, will include flight exhibitions of over a dozen RPAS. The demonstrations will span from micro-systems to tactical RPAS, both fixed-wing and multirotor, as well as the latest development in anti-drone systems.

The flights will take place at the Virgen del Camino airbase and Conde de Gazola military base. There, attendees will be able to see drones in flight such as the Flir UAS’ microdrone Black Hornet, tactical fixed-wing systems such as the Thales Group’s Fulmar UAVs, SCR’s Atlantic or Aertec’s Tarsis, as well as multirotors and small platforms such as SCR’s Tucan, Indra’s Mantis or Expal’s Shepherd.

In addition, anti-drone systems for the detection, identification and neutralization of RPAS will be exhibited. All in all, these exhibitions are set to be the largest remotely-piloted aircraft system demonstration held in Europe to date.

Those interested in witnessing the drones in flight may exclusively visit the demonstrations without attending the morning conferences, or simply attend the free conference cycle held in the afternoon or the exhibition at León’s Congress Hall.

You may request more information at eventos@idsolutions.biz


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